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About the Book

My design process is not only a handbook full of useful tools and kits. It is also an act of love to design. It is a prayer for design to get back to its glory days when it made sense. It is an appeal to the younger designers! Don’t surrender to the status quo who wants you just as worker ants! Don’t lose your inner voice and your passion for design! Don’t get comfortable in the prevailing conformism! Ask! Seek! Find! Discover new ways, never settle against the pre-cooked solutions, predictable patterns and pre-set goals! Go beyond! Make the impossible!

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About the Author

Mauro Moro is an Architect by formation, but he prefers to describe himself as a designer. As Design Leader, he maturated his experience across a vast range of projects of all kind, sizes and places. With this book, Mauro shares his distilled vision and methodology to achieve the best Design.

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